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College Town Communities Covid-19 Action Response Plan

The motivations and values behind our Mission Statement have only strengthened with the presence of COVID-19:

Offering the highest quality accommodation to our student residents, the College Town Communities experience provides personalized service in a secure and comfortable off-campus environment. We aim to exceed expectations and provide a fresh, new living experiences each and every year.

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Company-Wide Investment in EvaClean Electrostatic
Infection Prevention Technology

Please review for more information about this state-of-the-art technology.

You can see this revolutionary technology in use.

EvaClean Electrostatic Technology

Watch the video below to see highlights from an in-unit disinfecting electrostatic spray cleaning.

Disinfection Video
Maintenance Technicians and Vendors Will Continue
Wearing Masks When Entering Dwelling Units
College Town Communities Pledge & Office Safety Plan

We have a College Town Communities Pledge and Office Safety Plan

College Town Communities is taking every step we can to prevent the spread of

COVID-19 at our properties. Our Action Response Plan does not guarantee the

prevention of COVID-19 exposure or contraction.

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